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Nigerian wedding traditional egagemet wedding stages

Nigerian Wedding: 8 Unique & Beautiful Traditional Wedding Stages

Ask any couple what is important for a beautiful wedding, and the most obvious on the list would be the decor! What is a wedding without the perfect wedding decoration to create the most beautiful ambiance for your guests? Nigerians have traditions and our tradition is a big part of our weddings too! We have to make a statement with the decor, food, attires etc. If you are planning your traditional wedding and have no idea on what you’d like your couple’s corner to look like. Here we have 8 unique and absolutely beautiful wedding stage decors to inspire you!

Nigerian wedding traditional engagement wedding stages libraneyei

Nigerian wedding traditional engagement wedding stages libran eye

Nigerian wedding engagement wedding stages akintayo timi

Nigerian wedding traditional engagement wedding stages akintayo timi2

Nigerian wedding traditional engagement wedding stages akintayo timi3

Nigerian wedding traditional engagement wedding stages akintayo timi1

Nigerian wedding traditional engagement wedding stages akintayo timi

Nigerian wedding traditional egagemet wedding stages

Photo credit: Atunbi photography, Akintayo Timi, Libran eye

Nigerian wedding reception stage decoration by aquarian touch group 3

Nigerian Wedding Themed Reception Decoration Ideas

When we received an email request from Wande Adekola to feature her stunning work on Nigerian Wedding, we didn’t know what to expect and kept our fingers crossed, and when we saw it, we were quite impressed at the quality of her work when. Wande Adekola, right now is by far one of the best event decorator and planners we’ve met, her work is so beautiful and looks very professional too! Some of these wedding reception decoration ideas have just got to inspire you to great things for your own, if you are married maybe for a friend or sibling. Whether you’re going for traditional wedding reception decorations or are looking for some really unique ideas for a wedding reception, Wande Adekola, has a way of bringing every ideas you have to reality. These wedding reception pictures she shared with us clearly demonstrates some of the wonderful things you can achieve with the perfect colours and lighting. As, we’ve been preaching here for a while now, the key to decorating for wedding receptions is picking a colour and/or theme and sticking to it all through to the end.

When you take your unique wedding reception ideas and project them over the entire reception, it reflects a powerful message and a unique taste. It shows style, class and unity of purpose. She has sent us four unique wedding themes, which we are hoping to feature in great detail, so please stay tuned.


“I think many brides have dreamed about a fairy tale wedding at some point in their lives. But as they grow older, their views and ideas change. But not this bride, she wanted to feel like a princess”, says Wande Adekola.

Fairy tale wedding themes are for any and every budding Cinderella bride out there, pink fairly lighting wedding decorations symbolize the culmination of our fairy tale dream of finding our own Prince Charming. Of course wedding receptions are no simple statement. Both grand and ornate, the fairy tale reception decorations is meant to be over the top, so it’s no surprise if the theme comes complete with with a castle like wedding cake, carriages and footmen and tiara and crown for the bride and groom. Some of the examples of castle wedding cake design are the most intricate and artistic incorporating architectural inspiration from masters ranging from Da Vinci to Disney.


“Is there a colour more glamorous or special than the coveted shade of Tiffany Blue? I didn’t think so. From the moment I had the first meeting with the client , I was in love with the concept.The couple wanted an understated elegant décor. We had tiffany boxes lined on the aisle and on the stage.The venue was draped in white and blue mood lights were used to wash the walls”, says Wande Adekola. Nothing exudes understated grace and elegance quite like Tiffany & Co wedding theme. Why don’t you add a tasteful touch to your party with this uber stylishly and beautiful wedding reception decor and see your guests’ faces light up with sheer delight when they walk in!


“It was all about sophistication and grandiose. The design was full of regal curtains, dramatic moulding and amazing chandeliers that enchants visual perception. The wedding colours where yellow and gold , and we added giant gold mirrors to add a vintage flare”, says Wande Adekola.

The retro royal wedding theme is another growing wedding trend in the world of fabulous weddings, Nigerian Wedding welcomes you to the world of the retro wedding! As some would be hearing this word for the first time, we would like to educate you. So what is a retro wedding? A retro wedding is bright, fun and very funky. From the ice cream served from a real ice cream van at the reception to the jelly beans as table centrepieces and the pink Cadillac wedding car, a retro wedding is all about fun fun fun.


“The couple wanted to feel like they were taking a romantic walk under the stars, on a very beautiful night. The wedding colours where pink and purple. We strung purple lights on the ceiling and the walkway had a huge gate and side lines of street lights in pink”, says Wande Adekola. If you love the night and the stars, this is a perfect wedding reception for you, with the sparkles, diamonds etc….it’s sure going to be on one bling high!

SO, if you like me love Wande Adekola’s work, and you think it’s definitely stunning. Do not hesitate to contact her. Her details are below, check out and work, and stay impressed!

Thank you so much…….

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Nigerian wedding Candelabra Centerpiece ideas 18

25 Beautiful Candlebra Centerpiece Ideas

For all the over the top glamorous brides out there, here are some more fabulousness you can add to your wedding reception decoration ideas. Candlebras’ are very posh, especially when adorned with gorgeous pearls or crystals to add that extra sparkle to the vintage piece. There are several ways that you can create high centerpieces, and one of that is using candlebra with flower, candles or petals or whatever you want.

Candelabras can look very elegant and suit venues any type of venue, and wedding theme most especially the vintage weddings. You can either chose to use the candelabra as it is, or you can decorate it. Popular decorations include organza, ivy and roses. You can see an example of this in the our photo gallery below. High wedding centerpieces can really add an extra dimension to your wedding reception. They’ll create a buzz among your guests as they enter the room and provide the ultimate wedding reception decoration.

Photo credits:Floral Design by Karen Tran, Photography by Pam Scott, Flowers by Blossoms Atlanta, photography by Alecia Lauren and Robin Nathan, Photography by Artage Pictures, Daring Fong and Vallentyne Photography

Nigerian wedding short table centerpiece with flowers 12

25 Romantic Short Table Wedding Reception Centerpiece

It is amazing what flowers can do to a wedding decor, most especially wedding reception. Today we are looking at short table centerpiece ideas, and like we always do here at Nigerian wedding, we do the research and bring the end products back to you. Having a short table centerpiece can be quite romantic especially when it’s with flowers and as we all know, creative wedding centerpieces can give a high-impact detail for any reception table. The choice of flowers or even the vase can make all the difference, for example: If you look at the featured image for this post you will clearly see that the two contrasting colours (torqouise & red) of vase and flowers added a very elegant and sophisticated look to the overall decor, now that’s what we are all about. Bringing fantastic wedding decoration ideas to our Nigerian brides or better still couple who long for that extra special ideas to stay inspired. To find the perfect wedding table decorations, start by searching reception centerpiece photos in our gallery below, we have 25 gorgeous and simple ideas for you to see. One way to create continuity between your ceremony and reception is to pick wedding centerpieces that are made of the same flowers as your bridal bouquet, or colours that would compliment your bridal party nicely and also colours that would blend with your wedding theme, which is another fantastic idea to try.

Once you and your florist have picked the perfect wedding flowers,the next thing to do is figure out the best way to display each arrangement uniquely. The right reception lighting can go a long way in making the most out of your wedding centerpieces, and clusters of small wedding centerpieces grouped on each table can be just as dramatic as one large arrangement, and you can see different types of arrangements in the gallery. If you don’t want your reception table decorations to go to waste, speak to your florist beforehand about letting guests take the wedding centerpieces home with them when the party winds down, just a special gesture of appreciation really.

Photo credit:

Nigerian wedding tall centerpiece ideas 7

10 Beautiful Tall Centerpiece Ideas

Tall centerpieces are a great way to add visual interest to your wedding reception. Here, we have put together a collection of some elegant centerpieces from various weddings. Having a tall centerpiece for your wedding reception venue decoration would instantly add a wow factor and make the rest of your decor look uber elegant too. So why not check out some of the ideas and be inspired!

Photo credit: Project wedding, TheKnot, Style me pretty, The caketress blog, Theweddingreception

Nigerian wedding brown & orange theme cake

Wedding Themes: Orange & Brown

Orange is a fun and fabulous wedding color, not alot of people can pull it off, and if you happen to be one of the few then am happy for your. Because you are set to set the stage by using this dramatic color for a formal wedding or a splash of bright color for a fun casual wedding. There are so many ways you can add that special touch of orange, and one of it is pairing it up with brown. They compliment each other so well, it’s amazing! You can get your wedding cakes embellished with Orange Flowers or get a full brown colour cake with orange trimmings, whatever you decide to go for. See photos to get some inspirations!

Check out the stunning wedding cake table decoration done by Trinitee creations, the table looked so elegant and very posh indeed yet so simple. That’s the wonders of using the right colour, fabric pattern and shade.

Photo credit: Atunbi Photography,
Decorations: Trinitee Creations, IamChairs
Cake: Wande Onafuwa of Cream Dream Cupcakes

Nigerian wedding church decoration 6

Church Ceremony Decoration Ideas…

When you have a special moment to celebrate, you can simply count on our floral expertise. A wedding day is one of the most special and exciting occasions in one’s life; and one strives to make it a memorable event, from start to finish.

Flowers add a sense of solemnity and calm to a church. Decorating a church with flowers spread a sense of peace and freshness, all around. We specialize in providing a holy ambiance to churches with all the well-designed floral patterns in the photos.

From bouquets to floral sprays, to drapes your decorator will be able to arrange it all. All you have to do is enjoy the intoxicating fragrance that only fresh flowers can give.

This post is written by Nigerian wedding for all Nigerian couple anywhere in the world, looking for that special touch of tradition, ideas and inspirations for either their traditional engagement party or white wedding! All other brides are welcome too, remember, leave us a message with your views and let us know what you think or how we can be of help to you!

Nigerian wedding candle centerpiece ideas 25

25 Stunning Candle Centerpiece Ideas For Wedding Reception Tables…

Hello my beautiful people, we all know the magic a candle can do and if there are more than one? Absolute bliss, using a candle as a centerpiece for your wedding is a very beautiful inspiration decoration idea, candle can be applied in many part of wedding decor most especially as a centerpieces on your wedding table. If you are having a wedding reception that will go well into the night then having a candle centerpiece is a fantastic idea to give you a beautiful and memorable celebration. A very popular choice among wedding decorators is the use of floating candles in a transparent glass and water, giving your reception a perfect mood and cozy feeling your guest and you two would enjoy!

This post is written by Nigerian wedding for all Nigerian couple anywhere in the world, looking for that special touch of tradition, ideas and inspirations for either their traditional engagement party or white wedding! All other brides are welcome too, remember, leave us a message with your views and let us know what you think or how we can be of help
to you!

Photo credit: MarthaStewartweddings, sangmaestro,weddingfavors

Nigerian wedding stage decoration Ideas 1

21 Stunning Nigerian Traditional Engagement & Wedding Ceremony Stages

Wedding stages are a big part of Nigerian traditional engagement & white wedding ceremony, and here are more stunning wedding stages to guide and inspire you!

This post is written by Nigerian wedding for all Nigerian couples anywhere in the world, looking for that special touch of tradition, ideas and inspirations for either their traditional engagement party or white wedding! All other brides are welcome too, remember, leave us a message with your views and let us know what you think or how we can be of help
to you!

Photo credit: Shaadiweddingservices

Nigerian wedding stage decoration Ideas 1

10 Fabulous Wedding Reception Stage Decor Ideas

The bride and groom are the celebrity of the day, and as a result are put on a very high pedestal, everyone wants to peep and see them there in all their glory, so that’s why it is very important that their wedding stage is up to the mark. Nigerian wedding couple stage is absolutely beautiful, I have seen a whole lot that really and truly impressed me in every sense of the word, and here I have put together a fantastic collection of ideas you can get your decorator to re-invent to suit your personal taste and wedding theme!

This post is written by Nigerian wedding for all Nigerian couple anywhere in the world, looking for that special touch of tradition, ideas and inspirations for either their traditional engagement party or white wedding! All other brides are welcome too, remember, leave us a message with your views and let us know what you think or how we can be of help
to you!

Photo credit: Exclusiveevents